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Sell ​​Steel Plate / Steel Plate

Steel Plate / Steel Plate in Surabaya
Iron plate / steel plate is one type of iron in the form of steel plates / iron plates that have versatile functions, among others, for raw materials in the manufacture of various types of building construction, machine construction and other needs for example for the needs of the transportation industry and shipbuilding. Besides this plate can be used for making various kinds of household appliances and iron and steel handicrafts. Buy the latest low-cost iron plate, various brands

Iron sheet iron plate that has a length dimension size x width x thick. Black plate or commonly called base plate is owned by size of an iron plate size
4'x8 '
Thick from 0.8mm to 50mm

5'x20 'and 6'x20'
Thick from 3mm to 100mm the standard size of plywood material is often used by the Contractor as an reinforcement in steel structure profiles or as a profile of the holder material while the fabricator is used for tank manufacturing, stamping and much more material for the use of this plate.

Many contractors are looking for Iron Plate prices in Surabaya to find out what the budget is needed to either make a new building or renovate. This plate made of iron has a superior character so that it can last for a long time and is not easily damaged. The types of pipes sold in the market have various types depending on the material they are made. The choice of the product other than based on the budget must also take into account usage. For example, if the price of the Surabaya Iron Plate offered matches its function in building construction, there is no harm in being bought. There are several benefits of this material, Price of Surabaya Iron Plate Building construction requires quality material so that the results are sturdy and in accordance with the design made. The material needed is quite diverse, one of which is Iron Plate Surabaya. The product has a very varied type, just choose what suits your needs such as:
Black Plate (Base Plate)
The dimensions of the black plate are about the size of a plywood, which is 122 × 244 (cm) or 4 × 8 (feet) with variations in thickness from 1.2 mm to 200 mm. In profile steel structures, many black plates function as reinforcement. Other applications for profile material stands, tank manufacturing raw materials, and so on.

Ship Plate
As the name implies, ship plates are mainly used in the manufacture of various ship installations. Besides that it is also used as a construction and fabrication material as well as making tanks and the like. The specificity of the ship's plate is the size that is relatively long and wide. With a length of 6,000 mm there are two sizes of width, namely 1,500 mm and 1,800 mm. Compared to other products, ship plates have more resistance, especially against corrosion

Strip Plate (Strip Plate)
The strip plate has the shape of a wooden board with a standard length of 6 meters and the width varies from 19 mm to 200 mm. While variations in the thickness of the plate between 3 mm to 12 mm. Strip plates can be used as fence material, door / window trellis, and various other safety constructions. The excess plate is especially easy to bend with welding.

Bordes Plate
Bordes are flat areas on the stairs to rest the legs, which are made on stairs with a number of stairs more than 12. Exactly if the borders are applied to this transition area both on the stairs in the outer space and the interior. The surface texture, such as a flower plate, can reduce the risk of slipping especially if the area is wet. The plate with the same size specifications as the flower plate is also used for pickup trucks or trucks; factory building floor; part of sports equipment.

Flower Plate
One of the iron plate products is called 'flower plate' because the surface is textured. This plate is also called a diamond plate or floor plate. The standard size of the flower plate is 1.2 meters × 2.4 meters; while for its thickness there are several variations. Flower plate is very suitable to be applied to floor elements and / or stairs in buildings and transportation facilities - buses, trains, damkar cars. Its rough texture anticipates slippery so that the potential for slipping is relatively small. So, it supports security and comfort.

Aluminum Iron Plate
Aluminum plate is a sheet of plate or metal plate that is light and strong. Aluminum plate has anti-rust properties, is not flammable and is resistant to all types of weather. This type of plate is easily formed, so it is widely used in industrial fields such as in advertising needs

There are two types of aluminum including, cast aluminum which can conduct electricity and aluminum forging which has tensile strength. Aluminum is also an electrical conductor that can conduct electricity well, so usually for aluminum plates used as raw materials in the advertising industry or billboard making anodizing process will be carried out, namely the process of making aluminum not conduct electricity which is then heated to withstand air or heat water.

But the disadvantage of this type of plate is that it cannot stand the acid, alkaline ingredients like soap and soda. The selling price of aluminum iron plate itself is quite cheap, so not a few manufacturers use this material as their production material.

Stainless Steel Plate

This type of plate is a stainless steel plate which is a plate that is widely used in the world of the automotive industry as a material for making body vehicles and is also widely used as a material for making household equipment.

Many of the advantages of this stainless steel plate are one that has a high corrosion resistance. And many industrial manufacturers do combinations or finishing to add or produce better quality stainless steel.

Steel Plate

This type of steel plate is usually widely used as construction construction material because the steel plate has strength that has no doubt. Usually this steel plate is used as a connecting material for the profile structure of building construction. Because of the strong nature of steel, this type of steel material is difficult to form. And of course the selling price of steel iron plate is quite good for each perembarnya.

Brass Iron Plate

Brass plate is a plate made from a mixture of copper and zinc. This type of plate is certainly stronger and harder than copper but can still be easily formed, but not as strong and hard as steel. The colors of the yellow plate are also varied, there are various reddish brown, dark yellowish depending on the content of mixing copper with zinc.

Brass material is one of the conductor equipment that can deliver heat and electricity well, so this type of brass plate is widely used as raw material for wire, plate, sheet, strip, etc. Brass is also generally resistant to corrosion.

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