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sheet iron plate

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Plate Steel

Specification of sheet iron plate

Sell ​​Sheet Steel Plate / Plate Steel Sheet

Sell ​​Sheet Steel Plate / Plate Steel Sheet is one type of iron in the form of steel plates / iron plates that have versatile functions, among others, for raw materials in making various kinds of building construction, machine construction and other needs for example for the needs of the car bodybuilding manufacturing industry , trucks and shipbuilding. Besides this plate can be used for making various kinds of household appliances and iron and steel handicrafts. Buy the latest low-cost iron plate, various brands

Iron sheet iron plate that has a length dimension size x width x thick. Black plate or commonly called base plate is owned by size of an iron plate size
4'x8 '
Thick from 0.8mm to 50mm

5'x20 'and 6'x20'
Thick from 3mm to 100mm the standard size of plywood material is often used by the Contractor as an reinforcement in steel structure profiles or as a profile of the holder material while the fabricator is used for tank manufacturing, stamping and much more material for the use of this plate.

Many contractors are looking for the price of sheet iron plates in Surabaya to find out what the budget is needed for either building a new building or renovating. This plate made of iron has a superior character so that it can last for a long time and is not easily damaged. Types of sheet iron plates that are sold on the market have various types depending on the material they are made. The choice of the product other than based on the budget must also take into account usage. For example, if the price of the Surabaya Iron Sheet plate offered matches its function in the construction of the building, there is no harm in being bought. There are several benefits of this material, Price of Surabaya Iron Plate Building construction requires quality material so that the results are sturdy and in accordance with the design made. The material needed is quite diverse, one of which is the Surabaya Iron Sheet Plate. These products have very varied types,

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