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13 Jun 2019
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Steel Plate / Steel Plate

Sell ​​Aluminum Iron Plate in Surabaya

CV. Aneka Steel Teknik is a Distributor and Wholesaler that sells Aluminum Iron Plate, the largest and most complete in Surabaya which is a reliable supplier of various
iron shops spread throughout Indonesia, especially East Indonesia

Aluminum Iron Plate
Aluminum plate is a sheet of plate or metal plate that is light and strong. Aluminum plate has anti-rust properties, is not flammable and resistant to all
type of weather. This type of plate is easily formed, so it is widely used in industrial fields such as in advertising needs.

There are two types of aluminum including, cast aluminum which can conduct electricity and aluminum forging which has tensile strength. Aluminum material too
is an electrical conductor that can conduct electricity well, so usually for aluminum plates used as raw materials in industry
advertising or billboard making will be anodizing process, which is the process of making aluminum not conduct electricity which is then heated to hold it
against hot air or hot water.

But the disadvantage of this type of plate is that it cannot stand the acid, alkaline ingredients like soap and soda. The selling price of this aluminum iron plate
itself is quite cheap, so not a few manufacturers use this material as their production material.

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